Territorial Seeds Company- Providing Quality Seeds

The most important thing for any gardener or farmer is being able to get the right seeds. Unfortunately, some seeds just aren’t available everywhere. Tom and Julie Johns, the owners of the Territorial Seeds Company have spent the past 26 years searching the world for the highest quality seeds. They began their catalog in 1979, after buying the Territorial Seeds Company in 1985 they were well on their way to providing any customer anywhere with high quality seeds. In their catalog they were able to offer customers more varieties of fruits and vegetables. For instance you can get 15 different types of tomatoes. I don’t think there’s a grocery store anywhere that can boast of that many different kinds. They didn’t stop there. You can get many varieties of other fruits, vegetables, and flowers. That is the greatest benefit of their company. You’re not limited to just one specific choice.

In 1987, the Johns invested in 44 acres so that they can really get specific about offering the best seeds possible. The Johns and their staff evaluate every variety for taste, Northwest hardiness, and germination. You’re not taking a chance on getting sub quality seeds. You have a whole entire staff dedicated to giving you the best seeds in the most variety that they possibly can. In the beginning of their company, they would harvest the seeds by hand. Now, that’s what you would call hands on dedication. This lead to their specialized seed growing techniques which range from fermentation to the newest processors. Now, they grow at least 20% of all the seeds they sell. Quality seeds is something they can definitely say that they provide. And when you buy their seeds you’ll be able to see for yourself how much work they put into getting you the best seeds possible. You’ll see it when they grow, and you’ll taste them when you eat them.

The Territorial Seeds Company has become known for their fast customer service. When you buy from them you’re going to get what you ordered as quick as possible. The reason for this is their whole team works together to get you what you need. From the office to the shipping department you get their undivided attention, their hard work, and their swiftness. You won’t have to wait forever and day to get what you paid for. They customer service wouldn’t be wouldn’t be award winning if you did. Imagine, how good you have to be at the job you do to win an award for the fastest customer service. They guarantee that you get your order shipped out within the next 48 hours, and they haven’t met an order they couldn’t get out within that time frame. That’s a company that cares. That’s a company who strives for excellence.

This company has gone beyond the extra mile to provide top notch customer service. They even have a telephone line where you can call and ask their intelligent workers about any seed question that you may have. Anything that you’d want to know, any question you want to ask they are there to answer them for you. So if there’s anything that you need to know just call their friendly staff, and they can tell you. They want their customers to be completely satisfied. So they guarantee 100% that you’ll be satisfied with anything that you buy from them. They guarantee this or you’ll get your money back  or can have it replaced immediately. This company has grown to be a company that grows and sells a high quality product. You get the very best that they can offer you. They are so confident with the product they sell that they guarantee satisfaction. How many other companies can do that?